ate? -Aso Tanibito Ecomuseum !
"tanibito" means those who live in Aso region, Japan.
this page's last update: 05/07/2005

Aso tanibito ecomuseum is one of Japanese fieldmuseums to guide, research and enjoy culture and nature in Aso region of Kyushu island, Japan.

Aso tanibito ecomuseum(assomusee) is one of Japanese fieldmuseums researching the "Tanibito" those who live in the northern and the sourthern Aso valley in Kyushu island of Japan, recording their traditional rural lifestyle, guiding those culture and nature to many people, and then aiming at being friendly together.
(The "assomusee" means a museum to associate.)

Everyone visits this region can use this ecomuseum and ask whatever you wonder about Aso, Japan. Now we have 3 courses of Aso Tour Guide for foreign tourists and our curator will guide you friendly. Please check this page, thank you.

(for museologist's reference...)

Some point that assomusee differs from many other old museums are as follows;
many traditional museums in Japan are far existence from their residents, and the curator is working against materials in thier institution. Although some ecomusee is estimated by the point which extended the range of a museum in the whole area, but it turns the conventional sightseeing map as a result by having merely put a natural treasure and historic relics.

"Assomusee" doesn't treats only things or places but the living people (since a living people cannot be caught and put them into an exhibition case, automatically such exhibition cannot be performed, and we also regards the whole field =life world itself as an exhibition room like an ecomusee).

Those for which assomusee asks is not many rare collection, not a huge building, nor a lot of tourists. It is relation of the residents who live in this area and those who are concerned there (also the people and poeple, urban and rural, and the past and future). The museum management is also supported by our supporter.* "Assomusee" means a museum to associate and the way to be friendly with neighborfood there by the system of museum.

* Mr. Waku Shirakawa, a photographer, expressed us as "the relation museum built with the people of the Aso lover", and Mr. Daisuke Takekawa, an anthropologist, expressed us as "the museum which carries out the associate of the relation of who is exhibited with the caller of a museum there." We think both expression could say very well. Thanks a lot!