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Mt.Aso Ecomusee is an ecomuseum in Japan to appreciate Aso and Asia, since 1997.

January 2009
A new year ceremony of the firefighting team in Southern Aso village (Japan, 11 Jan.2009) It was snowing and so cold day ! The emblem of the fire department in Japan is "snow" and of the firefighting team is "cherry". It will change from snow to cherry and spring will come soon.
February 2009
Sea shore in Busan city (Korea, 6 Feb.2009) where Kiyomasa KATO landed in 1592 at war. A Buddhist monk who had kept ascetic practices in Mt.Aso helped KATO from Aso by his magic, so KATO revived his village in Bochu area (now in front of JR Aso station) after coming back to Japan.
March 2009
Burning off the whole Aso field (Japan, 16 March 2008). Aso has about 20,000ha grass field. This is incomparably larger than any other fields in Japan. So many precious lives (wild flowers, butterflies and birds in particular) can live symbiosis with human.
April 2009
Grassland of CingTianGang in YangMingShan National Park (Taiwan, 1 April 2009). The volcano made this prateau and the Japanese had made this pasture during the 1934. YangMingShan was formerly called ZaoShan, grass mountain, because covered with grass like Aso in Japan but now its succession seems to proceed gradually.
May 2009
Thousand Rice Fields (Japan, 28 May 2009). Formerly known like as one huge mirror and we could have seen our grass mountain in it. But now the mirror has broken. Some people plant trees in the mountain to "save the earth" and some people cut the trees to keep their local environment. That's quite incoherent.
June 2009
Top view from Sungsan ilchul bong, Cheju island (Korea, 5 June 2009). Here is also volcano (but not in active now) and there are grassland around the mountain like Aso. People don't use fire to keep grassland and breed some little horses. Horses were introduced to this island by Mongolian during the 13th century.
July 2009
The Onda festival of the Kokuzo shrine, Aso, Kyushu (Japan, 26 July 2003), the god of Aso makes his rounds to see rice fields because there in Japan are so many evil in this season. And so many cameramen trample fields to take picutres and bother the god, now evil will be so to say them.
August 2009
The Hitaki ritual of the Shimomiya shrine, Aso, Kyushu (Japan, 19 August 2003), Aso has so heavy frost damage because of the god of frost that people hold the ritual at a small shrine with a little maiden. Every daily life links to their myth and severe nature. (The house was burned down on 26 September 2009 but the ritual went on.)
November 2009
The whole hot spa area Jigoku-tarutama has turned red, Southern Aso, Kyushu (Japan, 15 November 2009). Aso region has not only grass field but forest so they can keep much biological and cultural diversity. A lot of visitors enjoy soaking up the scenery and spa every autumn.
January 2010
雪の立野(2010年1月13日)。阿蘇に入る立野の急坂は汽車も一気には登れずスイッチバックになっており、 雪が降れば道路は凍結、車線はご覧のとおり動けなくなった車たちの大駐車場と化して多くの車が立ち往生する。 国道57号線は現在4車線化に向けて工事中だが、これをみるとまるでもう完成したかの如き様相である。