Manager/curator of Aso Tanibito Ecomus?e, Japan

4120-2 Nakamatsu, Southern Aso village
Kumamoto, JAPAN, 869-1505
Phone/Fax 0967-64-8200
Mail: tanibito@yahoo.com

・Major in Asian Folklore and Anthropology, Geography, Museology and Design
・Think of not only nature or culture BUT relation between them
・Able to handle both natural and cultural science, Japan and Asia
・Research and Education. Curator and Educator
・Manage Business

・April 1997 - present, Mt.Aso Ecomuse
Manager / Curator (Natural History) , Kumamoto Japan
・October 2009 - present, The University of Kitakyushu
Part-time Teacher (Field Researches), Fukuoka Japan
・April 2008 - present, Seinan Gakuin University
Part-time Teacher (Museum Information), Fukuoka Japan
・April 2007 - present, Kumamoto Gakuen University
Part-time Teacher (Economy), Kumamoto Japan
・April 2007 - present, Miyazaki Prefectural Gokase Secondary School
Special Taecher (Folklore), Miyazaki Japan
・November 2006 - March 2008, Aso Den'en Kukan Ecomuseum
Curator (Culture and Nature), Kumamoto Japan
・March 1999 - March 2001, Project for Kumamoto Prefectural Museum
Curator (Folklore), Kumamoto Japan
・July 1995 - February 1997, Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum
Curator (Folklore and History), Saga Japan

・Ph.D candidate (Design)
October 2011-, National University of Kyushu, Japan
・Master of Environmental Science (Cultural ecology)
March 1996, National University of Tsukuba, Japan
・Bachelor of Arts (Folklore, Geography)
March 1991, National Kumamoto University, Japan

・License of Museum Curator (Natural History)
March 1995, National University of Tsukuba, Japan
・License of High School Teacher (Geography, History, Social Studies)
March 1991, National Kumamoto University, Japan
・License of Junior High School Teacher (Social Studies)
March 1991, National Kumamoto University, Japan

Language : Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese
Computer : MS-Word, MS-Excel, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Power Point

December 2009 - present, The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology (Japan)
October 2006 - present, Asian Comparative Folklore Sosiety (Korea)
March 2006 - present, The Society for Ecological Anthropology (Japan)
July 2001 - present, The Society of Kyushu Anthropological Studies (Japan)
April 1995 - present, The Association of Japanese Geographers (Japan)
April 1992 - present, The Folklore Society of Japan (Japan)

15 January 2012